Friday, August 11, 2006

That Means You

I will be incommunicado this weekend, and I love nothing more than the idea of setting myself up for something to come back to when I log onto my dear old friend, the Internet. To that end, I am asking for reader participation.

I see this site's user statistics, so I know somebody's reading it. Somebody from Alaska. Somebody from California. Somebody from Utah. There should be more from Connecticut than there are. There are a bunch of somebodies from a bunch of states and even a couple countries that aren't mine. On a good day, there are so many readers that adding them up on my fingers won't do, making it so that I must whip out my toes to get an accurate count.

So, who are you? Where are you reading from? What brought you here and, more importantly, what makes you stay? If you've never commented before, now's as good a time as any to start. Blogging isn't just about airing laundry in varying states of cleanliness. It's about the community you discover when you go out to put it all on the line.

Who are the people in my neighborhood?


lynsalyns said...

You know me.

Upstate New York. Love the cheese. Love the chicken. Moving to Illinois. Crazy family. Cutest kid ever (sorry, I had to say it). Slow-moving husband.

Why do I come here? To be inspired. To be awed by your talent. To be envious. To laugh.

So I can say I knew you when.

mamatulip said...

I'm here for your writing. It's great.

Mrs. Chicky said...

As the crow flies I think I'm less than an hour away from you, so that should count for something.

And I come here to wallow in self-pity over not being able to string two coherent sentences together while you pump out beautiful stories almost daily.

Jenifer said...

NorthEast Ct.... your blog caught my eye since we both have small cildren while trying to maintain a career (however my career is away from home). I found the blog since one of my good friends and co-workers is also a Blogger.... Linda's working single Mom blog. I stay and read because I love your writing and can identify with your dealings with The Boss :)

Binkytown said...

You know me too. We share a name. Close to the chicken and the cheese lover.

I was thinking today before I read your request- damn, I should email her to tell her she's been so good lately I've been paralyzed because everything I have been trying to write just pales in comparison.

the captain's wife said...

You sort of know me, but we've never met. I followed the link in your signature from another website. Yours is the first blog that I've ever read.

I'm a new mother myself. Your stories have been entertaining me while I'm pumping at work :)

Linda said...

Norwich - we met at the first Bloggers Meeting at The Bulletin & I "share" a page with you on their website.

I read your blog because I enjoy your writing (and even though my girls are both in their teens, I knew exactly what you were talking about in your entry on 8/8/06!).

I love reading stuff that makes me laugh or smile in remembrance and yours does both - I'm looking forward to more!

Sarah B. said...

I am one your Boston readers and long time friend. I am addicted to your blog as I have been since you first started about 1 year ago. While I am currently a DINK, I read hoping to prepare myself for the inevitable child I will have. I read knowing if Binks can manage to keep a child alive, that I'll do okay.

I don't usually post because my comments ofen feel too personal for WWW viewing. I also don't post in fear of my spelling.

But I check your Blog every day.

I read because it makes me feel. I read because I love you and your spirit. I read because I believe in you. I read because I miss you.

lildb said...

I'm in Portland, Oregon. I came via your old site, 8hours.

your words are like an intricate, crocheted dance. sometimes slow and sweet, sometimes intoxicatingly quick, like a tango on speed.

you can't shake me, sister.

Lauren said...

I'm here because you found me, and then I found you, and we both simply rule!

We must get together, I just bought a new camera lens!!! Can't wait to photograph Tolby and to hang with you and the hubbs.

Welcome back to the internet. I'll bet you craved it all weekend. :)

MsDiMarie said...

My friend told me about your blog. Her son writes too so I check yours, his and the exercise guys too. I am in NorthEast CT not far from you! You rock! Keep up the good work and keep writing.

wordgirl said...

Fort Worth, Texas. Love your writing as well. Today is the first day of the new school year for us. I need to find a good book to start. And...a jobl

Andrea said...

I'm not exactly sure how I found you at 8 Hours, but I followed you here from there. I got hooked on your writing and have been lurking for the most part. I think I read part of your labor story, and something about you and your writing struck me. Reading ever since.

I'm in St. Louis.

Dayna said...

I am from Minnesota....

i read at work...shhh dont tell the bossman! I read and relate to a lot of what you are saying.

Thank you!

Michele said...

i cant remember how I originally found you over at 8 Hours but I am here for the long haul. I love the way you write.

From a few states south of you. Mid-Atlantic I think they call us.

Melissa said...

I "met" you through the all addicting nest. What originally drew me to any and all things Bink was your birth story. For once I was able to read a story that wasn't all puppys, cotton candy and sunshine but really honest and to the point. I'm in Southeastern CT.

TrixieGirl said...

I am a fellow "Slacker Bride". lol

Jen said...

Well I am here, though I've been busy at work... not sure how I get busy but the hours flow into days and then weeks go by and I realized I haven't been by your blog in a while. Love your writting Bink.
Middletown, CT Jennicap

Kate L. said...

Originally, I'm from MN, but right now I live in MA.

I'm here because I know you from my internet chat board home, the nest and I think you're cool.

I stay because your writing is soulful, truthful and just LOL funny at times. We live parrell and perpendicular lives and I love how much we differ and have in common.