Wednesday, August 23, 2006

When Defiance is Still Cute

Every meal time, The Boss takes it upon herself to remind me of our dog's presence. "Dog!" she shrieks, pointing with the hysterical emphasis of a child ingraining a word into her vocabulary. "Dog!" She points again, staring down at the dog perched beside her. She looks at me. She looks at our pet. "Dog!"

"Yes, she's a dog. I think you've mentioned that already."


"You can do better than that," I say. "I know you have more words." I never had much patience to begin with, but I have even less when I'm trying to nourish a child who insists on using a spoon when she doesn't know how.

The Boss casts upon me a sideways look of raised eyebrows and a curl-cornered lip. She takes a piece of chicken and holds it out over the edge of the high chair. Her gaze stays connected to mine. I am afraid.

The food falls into the dog's waiting mouth.

"Uh-oh," she says.



Chris said...

She knows better than to do that when dad is around. It usually ends in tears (and me hiding my laughter about her oversensitivity to being reprimanded.)

Mrs. Chicky said...

It's like that in my house, too. Except without the word "dog". My kid refuses to use the word even though I know in my heart of hearts that she knows it. I guess she's too busy readying herself for the "uh-ohs".

toyfoto said...

Oh boy this is happening in our house, too, x2 (we have two dogs). In our case, however, it turned out the single word "DOG," was baby for "The dog is here, Mommy. I wish to feed her from my plate. Would that be acceptable to you? No? Well, I'll just give her this one morsel. She is more frightening to me with thouse big teeth of hers than your admonishments, which I have learned, have no teeth.


DITTO. OH, God. The dogs are so fat and Archer is TINY. It's getting BAD.

Whirlwind said...

The dog learned early on in our hous hold that the little humans walking around were a great source of food. She has had a permanet seat next to the high chair for the last 4 years. And yes, Moe being the youngest, loves to hand any unwanted food over to the dog in hopes that it will get her dessert faster. The older two have pretty much learned that we don't starve the dog so they don't need to feed her.

Jenifer said...

Very cute, no dog here though.... my daughter takes to torturing the cats. The other day I came out of the bathroom to find that my daughter had covered my cat in about 20 gold coin stickers.... Now bear in mind i have a hairless cat that already looks egyptian.... and he just sat there and let her deck him out in gold so he looked as if he was ready to be mummified and put in a tomb...pretty funny!

Sarah said...

Very Funny - my nephew Jack has the same obsession with the word Dog and they don't even have one!!

lynsalyns said...

Yeah. The Poo laughs HI-sterically when we try to tell her no or are stern. It is so not a fun time. Even her daddy can't stop her from doing her naughty tricks!