Monday, October 02, 2006


I was not an exceptionial high school student. I was mediocrity personified during college. Only now, as the 28 year old mother of a one year old, am I coming into my own as an individual and a writer. This is why I have a special respect for those whose self-awareness and motivation brings them to a much earlier understanding of, and appreciation for, their special place in this world.

Today, I'd like to point you toward the blog of a high school senior here in Connecticut's Quiet Corner. She is delight and insight. She is gramatically correct. She writes with a relevance that speaks to people of all ages. She reminds me that though I'm no longer a kid, I'm not totally grown up, either.

Having selectively blocked out my entire high school experience, reading Pamela Suzanne's blog allows me to view the frustration and confusion of adolescence through a much more optimistic lens. Forgotten mindsets and ideals come back. I can see more clearly where I've stayed true to my teenage self and where I've strayed. There's a value there that goes beyond the enjoyable, cleanly written text she puts out on a regular basis.

But don't take my word for it. Go here to read for yourself. Tell her I sent ya.


T. said...

I was such a nobody in high school.

Everyday, I prayed no one would notice me, and I would wish the whole experience would be over.

Now, 13 years later, I'd love to relive it, knowing what I know now, and more importantly, knowing WHO I am now.

Thanks for the link...

Mom101 said...

And here I am, a 38 year old mother of a one year-old, thinking similar about you.

I'm headed off to the link.

jen said...

god. absolutely. I second Mom 101 and also feel it allows us to view it from a distance, and see where we could have stood up, and how so much of it didn't really matter in the end...and what i wish i knew now could've then greatly impacted my ability to express myself.