Monday, November 13, 2006

The Bad Aunt

I am off to deliver belated birthday gifts to my niece and nephew, whose birthdays were in September and October, respectively. I am a bad, bad aunt. The sheer amount of groveling I feel compelled to do at their feet this afternoon precludes me from writing anything of length here today.

Instead, I leave you with this photo of The Boss and my shining star of a brother, who could never be construed as bad.

The Good Uncle, December '05


toyfoto said...

I am a bad friend, a bad aunt, a bad daughter, a bad sister, a bad mother, a bad wife, a bad co-worker, and bad employee ... I don't really think there's an end to my badness.

Hope you are forgiven.

jen said...

i only see goodness. especially in the pic.

Ruth Dynamite said...

Oh please. I'm what you call a slacker aunt/mother/wife/sister/daughter/fill in the blank. But I forgive myself, and you should too.

Lauren said...

The boss is SOOOO cute!!!!