Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Blogger Scorned

I am going to wait and see if the post I just spent over an hour crafting decides to show up below. As it stands, there is an emtpy space that was NOT there when I hit "publish post" just a few moments ago, so naively satisfied with my words.

You can imagine my surprise when I went to view the fruits of my labor and saw that no content conveyed with the title. I was so flustered, in fact, that I proceeded to engage in a series of missteps that made it so the "recover post" feature in Blogger was no longer an option. Though I have some of my post saved, the final third of it is missing, and therein lies my anger.

See, I have this problem where I cannot make myself re-write something that has disappeared. I just get too angry. I feel like the Internet has robbed me of words that I will never again be able to come up with, and I get so caught up in the rightous indignation of being the victim that I cannot possibly find any energy left over with which to write something in replacement.

I realize this borders on insanity and that it's wholly unproductive, but that's an issue for the psychiatrist's couch that I see no point in burdening you with here today.

So, unless someone has some great advice about how to retrieve lost words from the Blogger Dashboard, or unless they magically reappear of their own volition, you will never know what happened in the Dunkin Donuts Drive Thru More Than a Month Ago.

Somehow I think you'll survive.


Mrs. Chicken said...


Jene said...

i type everything in a Word doc first, then just copy and paste into blogger. you should do that and save them so that you also have a record of all your writings. :)

ECR said...

I am SO going to do that from now on. Too bad I have no foresight and have to learn everything the hard way.

jen said...

you know, that's happened to me before too. and it PISSES me off. i mean, really.


but you know my curiousity is peaked.

Mrs. Chicky said...

Me too. I need to know what happened at DD.

And if you're crazy for not wanting to rewrite something that Blogger ate, then you're not alone. I'm the same way. It's sort of like, well I've purged it from my system and now I have nothing left. You know?

ASevereMary said...

I'm soooooo sorry for you. What a bummer. Inspiration doesn't strike twice does it?

I hope we get to hear that story some day.

Jessy said...

I think the title speaks volumes...you know, sometimes less really is more...it's kind of a big F-U to that guy at Dunkin Donuts because it's as if he is not even worth writing about.

fringes said...

I left Blogger. He was too tempermental and fussy.

Hi there. First time visit.

Thailand Gal said...

Same thing happened to my post yesterday and I had to re-create it. Pissed me off to no end. :) I hurriedly re-created it and it came across hollow and formulaic, no feeling or passion. Curses!