Monday, January 29, 2007

When Eating a Pound of Candy is Really Not Safe

I'm sitting here waiting for my dog to yak up slightly less than a pound of M&Ms after I administered 2 tbsps of hydrogen peroxide and 2 tablespoons of milk to bring on the barf.

It seems that Roxie is no longer content with eating the garbage and has taken to climbing onto table- and countertops to find the most illicit of booty. I had been gone for three hours when I came home to find the M&M sack laying empty on the floor. I ran into the living room, fully expecting to find the family pet in the throes of a seizure on her dog bed. She looked up at me with one eye as I stepped through the threshold. There was nothing out of the sheepish ordinary in her gaze. I breathed a temporary sigh of of relief before I got on the phone with the vet.

One sticky note filled with directions later, I was on my way to the store to buy hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting. After Roxie lapped up her first dosage of the nasty stuff mixed with milk, she proceeded to run around the yard in happy acknowledgement of the fact that I was out there playing with her. There were no signs of poisoning and no signs of puke. I went inside for another dosage and she lapped that up, too. I'm still waiting.

I blame myself for all aspects of this problem, number one being that the chocolate should've been in a cabinet. I stupidly thought that just because she'd never climbed onto the center of the table before, that she never would. The second aspect is that she needs more exercise. She's getting into all kinds of trouble now that she never did before and the only reason I can come up with is that she's not getting enough exercise. I need to get off my desk chair and into a pair of running shoes. The fact that it's difficult to control a dog and a jogging stroller with my single pair of hands is no excuse. It can be done, and it needs to be done.

If she would just hurry up and chuck, already.


Mom101 said...

Oh my God I totally know the fear and panic around this kind of thing. Nate once fed our bulldog 3 coffee beans because he thought it was funny (!!!) and I freaked. So I can only imagine.
For what it's worth, our vet said, "not ideal...but just don't let it happen again."

I hope he's okay...

jen said...

whoops. that's a scary little episode. no idea peroxide fulfilled that function either.

i had a dog who ate a whole bag of hershey kisses once, foil and all, and lived to tell about it, if that's any consolation.

ugh. feel better, pooch. and you.

Jerri said...

Do you KNOW that the candy was gonna make her sick? I mean, I've seen dogs eat all kinds of things and never be the worse for the wear..including the peroxide ...Just curious, I"m sure she is fine.

ECR said...

Jerri--Yup, chocolate is toxic to dogs, ESPECIALLY in amounts up there in the 16 oz + range. It's something dog owners should be aware of. The vet is the one who told me to induce vomiting (which, as an update, Roxie still hasn't done!). She seems fine now, so I think you're right that she's no worse for the wear. Still, there's no question that chocolate can be toxic to dogs.

Lauren said...

Nono, you pushing the tot around in a stroller and holding Rox's harness leash at the same time is NOT possible. I know because I've tried to walk your chocolate-eating dog before. I nearly lost an arm at Wickham park. In other news, don't feel horrible, a friend of mine's dogs ate 30 boxes of chocolate last month. 30 boxes. After $500 of vet bills, they were just fine, so I'm sure Roxie will be AOK.

Chris said...

Whatever, I think she deserves to get sick and puke her guts out. Hopefully it will have a similar effect to getting violently ill from tequilla and never wanting to touch it again. Just this week, she has ruined 3 cakes and that was MY bag of M&M's. And the worst part is, she knows what she's doing because she hides when I come home after she's done something. To those who say you can't punish a dog 3 hours later because they don't remember, I give you Exhibit A, "Roxie."

toyfoto said...

I may be totally off base with this, but I think that chocolate's toxicity to dogs is similar to allergic reactions in humans. Some have it some don't and you can't tell until it happens. Not that we should test out the theory or continue to feed a dog chocolate snacks.

I say this because my dog - an animal I lovingly refer to as "jerk-monkey-hosebag" - has eaten pounds of chocolate fudge (in one stealing), chocolate pies (while I was in the next room) and chocolate bunnies (annabel still won't forgive her). I swear no matter where I hid the stuff she'd get it. I wondered for a while if she had retractable thumbs. She's 10 now and aside from being a clever little jerk, she's been fine.

Now it's on the top shelf in the fridge. If she manages to get it now I'm calling Letterman.

T. said...

Oh dear. Nixon, the World's Greatest Dog, Ever. has a chocolate fetish. And I know it is poisonous to dogs. But he manages to find it and devour it before I even know what's up. Hasnt't harmed him yet, but now I take great pains to keep it away from him.

I wonder how cute Roxie and Nixon's kids would be. (Hypothetically, of course, as Nixon has had his um, "tonsillectomy.")

Hope she is well.

Mrs. Chicky said...

True story - A friend's cocker spaniel once ate 3lbs of M&Ms in a three day period and lived to tell about it. Day one, he jumped on the table to eat an entire one pound bag. Day two, he jumped on the counter to eat another bag. Day three, he jumped up on a man's dresser (you know how high those can be) to eat the last bag. You would have thought that my friend would have put the candy in the cabinet after the first stealing. They, my friend, are dumbasses. You are a typical owner, and I include myself in that group, whose dog got the best of you this time. She'll be fine, even if she doesn't yak.

As for the exercise, it's 20 degrees outside. No one wants to walk their dog right now. It's not ideal, to be lumped in with a group of lazy couch potatoes, but you're in very good company. And, yes, I include myself in that group as well.

(I'm hope Roxie is feeling better today. If not, feed her ground beef and rice for dinner. That should settle her stomach.)

Mary-LUE said...

Dogs! Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. (At least, I don't want to live without one but am currently being forced to. It is a sore point around the Mary-LUE household!) I'm glad she's okay.