Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sneak Peek

Warning: If you are married to me, DO NOT LOOK ANY FURTHER! Tear your eyes away from the screen, NOW!

Okay, hopefully we're alone, dear Internets. Here is a sneak peek at the Valentine's Day card I created for The Partner. I cannot take credit for the quote, as it is one he coined himself.

Click here for the link.

Some say the official Valentine's Day holiday is superfluous, and that every relationship should be filled with an entire year's worth of loving celebration.

To them, I say "kiss this."


Mary-LUE said...

That card is great! And the two of you look wonderful together. I love what I can see of your wedding dress, etc. Any chance you'll give us a full frontal wedding photo?

And the sucker? Hi-larious!

Lauren said...

What, no bull riding card?

Happy love day!

Amy said...

Do you remember when I used to think every day should be filled with love, and you don't need a commercial holiday to celebrate... That was when I dated/was married to an asshole. I am so excited about tomorrow because my boyfriend is so good at special days... and all the days in between.

T. said...

Aww Binks,

You are so gorgeous. He's a lucky, lucky man.

I'm totally crushing on you now, girly!

Happy V-day to the both of you!

Whirlwind said...

Beautiful picture.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Mrs. Chicky said...

Lovely card. Great quote. Beautiful couple. Perfect sentiment. Puts my card purchased at CVS to shame.

And your sidebar looks fine in Firefox.

Her Bad Mother said...

Aww. Mushy, with an edge. Love it.

Gabriel said...

Great card. How did you print it out? My inexpensive printer would not do a good of it. So I wonder what you used?


ECR said...

Gabriel--I use an HP Photosmart Photo Printer. It's an inkjet that prints out really good photos. It's perfect for cards and things of that nature.