Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Picture of My First Memory

I know this is my earliest memory because grandma died when I was two. Before that, she was frail on a living room recliner. There were plastic prongs in her nose. There was a long tube. She sat attached. I do not remember being unbelievably small, but I was.

I think they told me to give her a hug. I think I cowered. They pushed against my pull-back. I was crying. Grandma was dying.

I was two.



Lauren said...

I remember my grandfather dying in a hospital when I was four, but only the memory of being in the hospital--no recollection of my grandfather at all. My sister, then seven, says she never realy liked Grandpa anyway. The only thing I remember about him was that we had to leave the living room when he was home so that the men of the family could lift him up to pee. I always thought peeing in a toilet kept in the living room was disgusting.

I'm free whenever you're free for some quality get-together time.

Mrs. Chicken said...

So spare, so sad. Yet you make it beautiful.

jen said...

two is so unbelievably small, isn't it. and yet you were catching everything.

sparse yet perfect, friend.

Redneck Mommy said...

I remember horrible waxy chocolate covered peanuts in a huge glass jar with a metal twisty lid, and her twisted, gnarled arm in a sling. And a funny smell.

She was my great grandma and I would love to have been able to know her as an adult.

Great writing, Binky. Glad I linked to you today at my site.

Kate said...

Who would think that such a short post would be so powerful. Great writing.