Monday, March 12, 2007

A Pit Bull Allergy

Next time I even think of bringing both the dog and The Boss on the trip to the veterinarian's office, I hope someone shoots me with a tranquilizer gun.

This afternoon I brought Roxie in for a skin condition that has rendered her itchy and reeking. We were not even through the door when she went all a-twitter, her paws tapping the linoleum at the sight and smell of the two other dogs in attendance. She was gagging against the pull of her leash as I tried to rein her in. Putting down The Boss, I fell into a chair and ordered my other baby to sit. She ignored me. I waited a few beats and said "sit" again. She continued to tap dance and retch. I pushed down her wiggle butt till a connection was made.

Then one of the other dogs must have moved, or yawned, or twitched a whisker. This set Roxie off again, and she darted to the side, almost decapitating The Boss with the taut line of her leash. Hysterics ensued. The Boss threw herself down on the floor and wailed. The dog opened her jaws in a high pitched, stretched out and sad sounding moan that no self respecting pit bull would dare let loose in public. We were ushered with haste, as we always are, to one of the unused examination rooms to sit out the 25 minute wait. Lobby pariahs, every time.

When the vet finally came in, she proceeded to stick long objects into my dog's ears, causing shrieks of pain that sent The Boss right back to Tantrum Town. I guess hearing her companion in pain is yet another thing that puts The Boss over the edge these days. She leaked tears onto my shoulder as I tried to help control Roxie with my free hand.

There were more tears during the rest of the visit, and loud wailing over which the vet had to scream in order to be heard. It was The Boss wailing, in case you thought I'd succumbed to the urge myself. Oh, how I wanted to. But I didn't.

I left (an hour and a half after I arrived) with steroids, anti-histamines, ear drops, and 18 pounds of $40 dog food. One employee walked the dog out and another carried the kibble. I trudged along with The Boss, who was over the last tantrum and was contentedly drooling on my shirt. My veins were tight with the pressure of my blood. My heart was pissed off. I thanked the vet assistants and sunk into the driver's seat, rummaging through my purse for no other reason than to just sit there for a minute.

Next time I'm getting a babysitter.


slouching mom said...

Yikes. What a rotten ninety minutes. The sitter sounds like the way to go, although if you're anything like I am, it kills you to have to pay for a sitter when you aren't even doing anything fun.

jen said...

you are not allowed to do this again without a bottle of wine.

repeat that three times please.

good lord, sister..what a visit.

Jene said...

wow, that was worse than me trying to take both cats to the vet at the same time (although that is pretty bad too)!

Michele said...

MY BP went up just reading this. Ugh.

Mrs. Chicky said...

Damn, I'm surprised you all made it out alive. These days I look forward to vet visits. It's one of the few times I get to spend alone with my dogs.

(btw, bacterial infection? I've heard there's something going around.)

Redneck Mommy said...

I'm jonesing for your dog Binky. But I don't want her when she's sick. Just think of the fun her and Nixon, the World's Greatest Dog, Ever. could have together.

We have an open dog door policy around here. The neighbours very large and intimidating Rotty just moved in. He's a beaut. The more the merrier.

Great writing. As always.

Wendy said...

Having been to the vet with my 2 kids and a very hyper and loud Beagle a few times, I refuse to do it EVER again. The dog is due for some shots, but he can wait until we kennel him for our next vacation. Ah, the beauty of kenneling at the vet. He gets his check-up and shots without me having a nervous breakdown.

I so feel your pain.

TSM said...

You poor thing!

But you're a really good doggie mommy! (Oh, and the other kind too!)

Kate said...

I'm sorry about Roxy. I just wanted to tell you that when lent is over and you don't "have" to post everyday I'm going to be very sad. Checking 24/7 on my favorites every night has become a favorite time of night for me. So... keep going even after Easter, Mmmk?

Ruth Dynamite said...

My dog has been itchy and smelly off and on for years (sad but true), and we fed her prednisone way longer than we should have. She's off it now, and eating some decent food (Iams), and knock-knock-knock, doing OK. I wish you luck!