Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I woke up this morning as wordless as the day before. I watched the news. I unfolded the newspaper. Sentiments swirled. Then dark, tiny print gave way to the color of the comic section.

The Family Circus cartoon of the day featured Dolly, with pencil in hand and and two neat pages of letters spread out before her. Her mouth was an oval of concern as she spoke these words:

"I know all my letters. Now, how do I line 'em up to say something?"

Dolly, that's exactly what I want to know.


Lauren said...

Two awesome statements made today at the Virginia convention:

“We have lost the sense of peace that comes with learning.”


"Words are very weak symbols of our emotions at times like this."

Lawyer Mama said...

Yep. There really aren't any words.

slouching mom said...

Just right. Thank you for writing this. I'm at a loss, and foolishly, I've tried to write about the shootings anyway.

And they have been the wrong words, maybe exactly because there aren't words.

jen said...

i know, friend.

Mrs. Chicken said...

Yes. Exacty. A dark day with no words available.

Jerri said...

I would like to know that as well....honestly, there's no alignment of letters to say what we need them to