Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Go Potty Go

I'll admit it. The Boss is obsessed with, as she calls it, the "TB." That's television, for those of you not familiar with Boss-speak. She can sit there with her face in front of the boob tube (I guess that would be the "boobie-tube" to The Boss) for hours if I let her. Another admission: sometimes I do let her, like when I'm scrubbing down the bathroom for a house showing or mopping the kitchen floor or blogging.

Generally, she gets a half hour of TV time a day. I've read this is an acceptable amount for the two-and-under set. In case anyone has a problem with that, I'd like to present Exhibit A: The Boss, at 21 months of age, spouting off the phonetics of each and every letter of the alphabet whenever prompted either verbally or with pictures of the letters. Come to think of it, maybe if she saw the abbreviation "TV" in print, she'd realize it's pronounced "tee-vee" and not "tee-bee."

But this is not about the alphabet. This is about potties. One of The Boss's favorite videos is Go Potty Go. When she started watching it several months ago, she called it "Go." Now that her vocabulary is expanding at an exponential rate, she calls it "Go, Go."

She loves the animation of the main characters, Paige and Parker Panda, as well as the various animals parading through the 20 minute production. The Boss keeps a menagerie of animals and their sounds inside her head and, because of this video, the moose has been added to her crew. Some people go their whole lives without encountering a moose, but The Boss has already been privy to seeing one go potty "beside a tree" because he doesn't want "anyone to see."

The DVD is cute, cute, cute. The songs get lodged in my head and stay there (since my brain isn't exactly valuable real estate these days, I don't mind so much). The characters make The Boss comfortable with the idea of sitting on her own potty chair.
Go Potty Go hasn't quite performed magic. The Boss has yet to make any sort of deposit in the bowl--not that I've done much to help her along. During the winter, all her layers of clothing made it too much of a hassle to strip her down and put her on the potty with any sort of frequency. Now that the warmer months are upon us, I plan to rectify (ha) that with a full-on poop offensive (ha, ha). With Go Potty Go as my aide-de-camp, I'm confident that victory will be ours. The DVD will remain in heavy rotation until diapers are a distant memory.


Lawyer Mama said...

We're planning a full frontal assault on the potty this summer too. I'll have to check out Go Potty Go. My son is also a TV hound. I foresee many battles over TV time when he's older & I can't just pick him up and move him!

Jessy said...

If it helps in your offensive game, setting a timer for every 1/2 hour, hour, (or whatever increment you can handle)will remind you to sit The Boss on the potty on a regular basis.
This has helped many kids in my family potty train. It is so exciting when they are first learning and actually go for the first time- the excitement in their eyes and on their face is priceless when they realize what they've accomplished. Good luck!

Wendy said...

Good Luck!!