Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Piece of Advice for House Hunters

Do not wait until after you've put a contract on a home and had the inspection before you go to the town Web site and discover that a property seemingly adjacent to yours has been zoned INDUSTRIAL.

Kudos to The Partner for even thinking to look at the zoning map, despite the late date. If it was up to me, we'd be moved in, cavorting in the swimming pool, only to notice the crevass of a waste facility or the spires of a power plant manifesting itself next door.

So, we wait to get through the voice mail jungle of the town office in order to find out who owns this wooded property and what the plans are for it.

As if I needed more of an excuse to procrastinate packing.


jen said...

oh, yeah.

zoning. zoning sucks. good save, friend.

Lawyer Mama said...

We have that issue too. We have a huge wooded 4 acre lot bordering a commercial zoned property on a highway. BUT we have discovered that a lot of it is marsh & can't be developed. Maybe you'll get lucky and find some sort of protected frog species next door.

Good luck!

Chris said...

Hey get back to packing you slacker! We're moving somewhere regardless. Even if it's in with your parents. *shudder*

Boz said...

Awesome Chris, pwning your wife in her own blog. Just awesome.

slouching mom said...

god. never thought of that.

i'm with lawyer mama. go find some threatened species, or flower, or plant, in that lot. as if you have the time.

Mrs. Chicky said...

That could suck. Hope it's nothing, because you really don't want to move in with your parents do you?

Redneck Mommy said...

Well done Chris. Show her who's boss.

Better watch out or she'll mysteriously lose something precious to you while she packs. Like your tool collection or something.

Good luck Binky. All will work out. You said it was treed. That means you are fairly safe from having it turn into like a pig packing plant or something...

Wink, wink.