Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Bridge Over Troubled Buyers

We pondered. We calculated. We formulated Plans A, B, and C.

We decided to purchase another house before we've sold ours.

We reached a deal with the sellers that will get us through the summer without feeling the burn of two mortgages. Come September, all bets are off. If our first home is not sold by then, we will be facing the episode of our lives brought to you by the number two--two mortgages, two house insurance policies, two sets of taxes, two dwellings to vacuum and dust. . .

We're taking the gamble because we think this house is the one for us. It's got what I want: a pool, a whirlpool tub, and a spacious kitchen. It's got what The Partner wants: 4 acres, an oversized garage, plenty of parking space, and a garage-sized shed for all his gas powered lawn implements. It's got space for The Boss to grow and the dog to run amok.

This is no blind jump into the uncertainty of owning two homes for an indeterminate amount of time. We looked at all the angles and decided that we can swing it. It won't be easy, of course. We'll be living off the fat of the land for awhile and not venturing out into the world of extraneous costs, but even that doesn't sound bad. I mean, we have everything right in one place. It's why we're taking this risk in the first place.

As always, I'll keep you updated. Though I have to wonder if you might be getting sick of reading about this drawn out process by now. I know I'm getting sick of talking about it. The whole thing is strangely boring, in a life changing kind of way.


slouching mom said...

The whole thing is strangely boring, in a life changing kind of way.


No, it's not boring. Just a little stressful to read. But nowhere near as stressful as it must be for you to live, and to be honest, reading about it also makes me a little relieved that it didn't happen to me. It might easily have.

Your and melissa's (of suburban bliss fame) stories should be required reading for every first-time seller.

slouching mom said...

Oh, and PS: I am SO keeping my fingers crossed for you guys that a buyer comes along, preferably within the next week.

Mrs. Chicky said...

The new place sounds well worth the risk. Four acres?? I'm oozing with jealousy.

Good luck!

Lawyer Mama said...

It's not boring, but I'm sure you'd like it to all be OVER all ready!

The new house sounds just like mine. Only I don't have a hot tub. Totally jealous about that! Fingers crossed on the old house.

Lauren said...

I'll be over often to use your tub. Sean will be over often to run amok in the yard.

Whirlwind said...

Good luck! I'm glad your getting the house you want still. Hopefully it all works out in the end.

jen said...

4 acres? a pool? a big fat tub?

talk about it all you want to, sister..it's awesome.

i have a good feeling about this one. i do. call me sunshine.

Andrea said...

Good luck! I'm not bored reading about it. The house you found sounds divine.

And I wasn't kidding awhile back when I said you should check into the statue of that saint that's supposed to help sell houses. I think it's St. Joseph, but I'm not sure. Anyway, you're supposed to bury it in your yard and your home should sell quickly. But the stories I've heard are numerous about people who just had the statue in their possession within their home, in a closet or on a mantle or somewhere out of sight, and their houses sold quickly. As in next day quickly. Good luck!

binkytown said...

I'm not bored either. The only thing you can do while riding that horrible house-selling roller coaster is talk about it. Bring it on.

Kelly said...

I totally understand everything and am not bored in the least. We've finally finished building, and this past weekend moved into our dream house. Sunday night was when we finally got the old house onto the market with the desperate plea to the Realtor Gods to send us a buyer, fast.
We're in the same boat, and I hope neither of us has to be for much longer.