Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What's Haunting Me?

I wake up every morning from terrible dreams to the smell of urine. It is real and thick. I am still groggy from that slow surfacing from the subconscious depths and I think it must be the dog, who maybe isn't adjusting to the move. I tell myself I'll deal with it later. The sun is just rising; I go back down.

I wake again, to the sound of The Partner's alarm clock, and the smell is gone. There never was one. I've checked. Our sheets and our floors are unoffensive and unstained. There is no sign of anything amiss, and my recollection of it is tied only to bad dreams. I leave the whiff of memory there and don't think about it again until I sit here to write. And even the act of putting words to a screen, which usually helps me understand things, does nothing. I don't know why my dreams stink.


slouching mom said...

Oh, honey.

I don't know what's up with that. But I'm sorry that it's happening.

Michele said...

This may be an inappropropriate time, seeing as it seems to be the cause of bad pee dreams, but Nice House!

Chris said...

I wake up every morning feeling wet. You must have peed the bed again. I tell myself I'll deal with it later. I wake up again to the sound of my alarm clock and the wetness has dried.
Could there be a connection?

Binky said...

I feel the need to clarify that I did NOT pee my bed. It is a phantom pee smell. I repeat, phantom. Please do not be confused by Chris's (The Partner's) attempts at humor. He's lucky I initially blamed the dog and not him.

Redneck Mommy said...

I was totally kidding when I asked if your house was haunted.

Creepy. You should google it and see what the wonderful and never wrong World Wide Web has to say about your pissy dreams.


Jenifer said...

Well, I thought your husbands attempt at humor was pretty successfull.... hee hee. Sorry.