Friday, August 24, 2007

Hello, I'm The Boss

Last night I told The Boss's paternal grandparents that our little girl is a fan of Johnny Cash.

Hearing her favorite artist's name, The Boss's eyes popped wide and her voice piped up. "Johnny Cash is singing Ring of Fire!" she declared.

I about swooned at her cuteness. To hear JCs name on the lips of my two year old daughter in a clearly articulated seven word sentence was music to my ears.

"And she can sing it, too," The Partner said. "You should hear her and Binky in harmony. If you could call it that. Which I don't think you can."

"It's true." I know my weaknesses, and I'm not too proud to flaunt them. I cued up the other half of my duo. "I fell in to a burning ring of fire..."

"Burning ring of fire..." The Boss sat in her high chair and chirped with soul. Sometimes in unison, sometimes in echo, we belted out the rest of the chorus. The last two lines were the strongest as The Boss's tuneless phrasing settled into mine. "Ring of fire. Ring of fire."

The grandparents clapped with more enthusiasm than they would have had for the Man in Black himself. The Boss applauded her own performance. I reveled in the moment with no concern whatsoever for the fact that neither of us could carry a tune in a bucket.

I've always admired those with the ability to really sing, those who could turn an ordinary get together into a celebration just by putting a thought to music and belting it out. But listening to my two year old daughter made me attune to the fact that it's not always about talent. Sometimes it's the right voice, however unsure, and the right song that make for an impromptu party.


bubandpie said...

Bub calls them "Cashie songs." "Ring of Fire" is extremely cute, and I find the kids get great mileage out of "Sixteen Tons." There's nothing cuter than two toddlers solemnly intoning, "I sold my soul to the company store!"

Jenifer said...

AT least she wasn't singing "My name is Sue, how do you do!"

so cute!

Paige doesn't really know any "real songs" if that's what you want to call them. But she can belt out just about any nursery rhyme you want!!

Jenifer said...

AT least she wasn't singing "My name is Sue, how do you do!"

so cute!

Paige doesn't really know any "real songs" if that's what you want to call them. But she can belt out just about any nursery rhyme you want!!

Lawyer Mama said...

My 3 year old LOVES JC too. Ring of Fire is one of his favorites. And I agree, that little off key voice is sweeter than harmony.

jen said...

i love the image i get thinking of this.

Mrs. Chicky said...

You must get video of this.

Gunfighter said...

"I went down into a burnin' ring of fire..."

It is one of my favorite Cash tunes.

Bananas said...

I'll have to try some Cash on my CJ... I'm betting he'll love it. I'll never forget my husband and my delight when he started singing along to Huey Lewis in the car... !

pinks & blues girls said...

I feel so honored to be among the few who have heard her sing Ring of Fire! Sure, Johnny Cash can sing, but he's got nothin' on The Boss!

Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

Trenting said...

This is all just too funny, while I'm reading this the 6 yr. old says, "Look! I'm a catfish!" with raw spaghetti noodles held up to his face! Gotta love 'em~

Alex Elliot said...

I'm with Pink and Blue Girls! It was great to meet you.

myminivanisfasterthanyours said...

My kids aren't quite into non-kids songs, but on a bright note, I know every melody in "Chugga chugga big red car..."

Gotcha all singing it now, don't ?!?!?

Fairly Odd Mother said...

I wish I had heard her singing yesterday! She is soooooo cute; I probably would've melted from the cuteness had I heard her singing too.

Redneck Mommy said...

My kids are Cash kiddies too.

None of us can carry a tune, but that hasn't stopped us from joyously trying.

Glad you have discovered this joy too!

Mrs. Chicken said...

The Poo demands "Hey June" (Hey Jude) every time we get in the car.

She's nearly perfected her rock n' roll scream.

I'd love to hear The Boss, get out that tape recorder!

Whirlwind said...

Oh I bet she sounds so cute! We'll have to get together sometime. Whenever we drive by your old house the girls ask about the Boss! Moe say a little blond haired girl the other day and was pointing "Boss, Boss".

lildb said...

and now I love you more.

(and if you can eventually get her to say things like "can you bleach out urine stains?", my love will know no bounds.)


Rock the Cradle said...

The Boss totally blew me away with that on Sunday.

Great kid, wonderful mom.

There. Done gushing. Like a good New Englander.

Pinks and Blues said...

Wait 'til she starts to introduce herself like this:
"Hello. I'm The Boss."

Sharon - Pinks & Blues Girls

Pinks & Blues said...

So funny! My oldest son loves JOHNNY CASH! I don't know what it was for him... we played Ring Of Fire once and he was hooked! I even got him last year a t-shirt that says " I love Johnny Cash" He wore it (with his brother) in our Easter photos! Much to the delight of our families! :) My husband jokes with me that I will be the only mom in the universe to dance to "Ring Of Fire" with William at his wedding! Love this blog!
- Audrey
Pinks & Blues