Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Dazzling Uncertainty of It*

This week has been typical pre-autumnal fare in New England. A tropical day followed by a sweatshirt day followed by a knee-high rubber boots day. Now the sun shines again, and somewhere in the yellow I find the energy and strength to recap for you the meteorological schizophrenia.

On Monday it occured to me that I am far more optimistic than I give myself credit for. It was a startling realization that came on the sandaled heels of these last days of summer. The day before had been balmy. Why I assumed that trend would continue is beyond me. I'm usually a glass-half-empty type girl, and I've lived in Connecticut long enough to know that a little skepticism in regard to the weather (or most anything, really) is healthy. But there I was with The Boss, standing in our driveway, both of us donning sundresses and flip flops. . .

. . .Find the continuation to this post over at New England Mamas. It won't take you long to get there. This is New England, after all.

*Mark Twain, from a speech on the weather

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Lauren said...

Oh goodness, can the Boss get any cooler? I can so totally see her saying "Oh man" like that. You are raising one hell of an awesome kid.