Thursday, October 04, 2007

Their Father

The Partner loves nothing more than educating people. This is, I believe, why he ultimately agreed to have children. It certainly isn't because he likes kids, or thinks that humanity is something worth perpetuating. No. What he signed up for is one or two malleable minis* whom he could shape into tiny versions of himself, and who would idolize him for it.

He's a smart guy, but I think he's been gazing a bit too long into the pond of parental narcissism. If he got up and looked around a bit, he'd be forced to admit a singular truth that flies in the face of his hopes for his children: that he's nothing like his own parents.

The Partner's mother and father are a sweet, compassionate and generous couple. They believe that people are intrinsically good.

The Partner, on the other hand, is surly, insensitive, and loathe to spend money on anyone but himself and his family. He believes that people are generally (and this is an exact quote--I just asked him about it this morning) "clueless, gullible, unable to care for themselves, and unable to make decisions for themselves." He also thinks they all suck as drivers.

The funny thing is that he used to be like his parents. He didn't rebel against his caring and open-minded upbringing until he went off to college. Then he started paying taxes and there was no turning back.

I don't know what our children will be like, but I neither hope nor think that they will be exact replicas of either one of us. It just wouldn't do. They'll be more unique than that. And The Partner will love them anyway, and provide for them, and teach them, despite his neanderthal notion that in order to truly recognize them as his own, they need to be just like him.

Photo by Lauren

*I read this aloud to The Partner and he chuckled because he thought I said "minions." That works, too.


Lauren said...

But a great Dad he is. You should've seen him on the day we took this photo as he carried the Boss on his arm as her blonde hair blew in the wind and later changed her into a matching shirt. You'd a been so proud. I had a hard time not saying "awww!" myself.

Redneck Mommy said...

My husband would agree with your husband's assessment of humanity...Arses.

Congratulations by the way!!! May your next little minion bring oodles of joy to you and your family!!!

Wendy said...

What they are not minions to do our bidding? Damn, why did I have them? Must rethink this whole children thing.

Chris said...

Sigh...and now the blogosphere will shun me. I don't think I'm as bad as I'm made out to be, but then again, maybe I'm just blinded by my own greatness.
For the time being, my mini minion thinks that I am the greatest thing in the world despite what her mother tells her. That suits me just fine.

And the world does suck as drivers.

Mrs. Chicken said...

Mr. C is the same. He's already told The Poo that she wants to play trombone and go to Harvard. Personally, I think she will skip college and throw pots in New Mexico, just to piss him off.

And I love the word minion. My dad used to call us that. :)

Laura McIntyre said...

What a good daddy, i just love the picture.

AmandaD said...

I think it's fascinating the person that emerges when you shift from couple to couple with kids. There are far worse things than what you describe and I believe wholeheartedly that dad/hubands/significant others/etc that comment on their partner's blogs rock.