Sunday, November 04, 2007

Another Reason I Will Never, Ever Win Mother of the Year

Earlier this fall, after The Boss took her first journey down the stairs all by her lonesome and attempted to do it again, I whipped out my video camera. Her stair-to-stair butt bounce and the smack of her lips as she tasted the freedom of bi-level living were too adorable not to record for posterity.

As situations are wont to do when I try to get posterity involved, they quickly went awry.

Exhibit A:

I know it should be easy to berate myself for being a bad mother (on more than one level) as I watch this and double over in laughter, squishing up on my 16-weeks-pregnant midsection. But I can’t muster too much guilt. It’s the idea of it all: her glee; my pride; the click of the “record” button; and the downward spiral.

I can laugh because she was unscathed. I can laugh—and believe me, if I didn’t, I’d cry--at this subtle clue as to just how very bad I am in a crisis. I can laugh because she seems to be saying “boobie” instead of “boo boo.”

I can laugh—and maybe you’ll think me insensitive for saying so— because sometimes motherhood is a real trip, even when it’s not just mama taking the fall.


Lauren said...

Haha. That's hilarious. I love her. I love you. Glad you're not uptight.

jen said...

it's the trippiest trip i've ever taken, that's for damn sure.

pregnant you. (squeeze)

Redneck Mommy said...

Funny. She looked and sounded like me when I tripped on my boots going down the deck yesterday.

My husband laughed too.


Glad she faired better than I did.

Kelly said...

I'd laugh too, and have many times since we're trying to teach ours to laugh at their little 'boo boos' instead of getting whiny and upset (we're only partially successful with this). My oldest went down the stairs (half stairs) numerous times and he's brilliant, so I'm of the opinion that a few tumbles down the stairs makes you stronger, smarter, and in your daughter's case a lot cuter!