Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Grand Opening - New England Mamas

Hailing as I do from Connecticut, I am happy to be associated with the New England Mamas, a group of bloggers from all over our stoically frigid corner of the country. The new site was created to lend a regional slant to a wide array of topics while remaining readable and relevant to readers everywhere. And this week, my friends, just happens to be the official grand opening.

If you head over there to read a bit about my ineptitude in the kitchen, you will also have the opportunity to win one of ten prizes offered up as part of the inaugural festivities. Some of the donated items include local favorites like Little New Englander onesies, Brooks Pond car seat/stroller covers, and Yellowhale Photography. We're grateful for the support of all contributing businesses and we're encouraged by each and every reader who stops by.

I hope you'll check us out, and I hope you'll like what you find.

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