Friday, May 16, 2008


Last time The Partner and I left for the hospital, we came back with a new baby that turned The Boss's life upside down.

Maybe that's why she was so concerned when I stepped into the ambulance with Topher for our transfer to the children's medical center, leaving her with the Partner to await the arrival of nana's babysitting service. It must've been a strange flashback to just three weeks ago, when we took off for the hospital while my mother came in with outstretched arms to take care of The Boss.

I just hope that our little girl isn't causing herself unnecessary worry as she waits for our return. In her two-and-three-fourths-year-old brain, there is a clear association between hospitals and the arrival of new, unwelcome family members. I can just hear her now: "Oh, no. Not again. You're going to bring home another one?"

Or maybe she's still holding out for Tallulah.


Topher is doing well, by the way. Thank you for all the well wishes. His temperature is back to normal. He'll be undergoing a few more tests to determine if his UTI was caused by anything internal and he will be continuing his regimen of antibiotics, but I'm happy to say we should be home very soon.


toyfoto said...

I had to go for emergency visits to the doctor after Silas, and Annabel was very concerned. However, she was MOST concerned when she took a look at her daddy's belly when he took off his shirt to get into the shower:

"Mommy had a big belly when she was preglant but now that she had a baby her belly's not preglant anymore. And DADDY has a big belly but he's NOT preglant? Right?! He's not RIGHT????

** I'm glad Topher is better. He's so sweet.

Whirlwind said...

I'm glad Topher is doing better.

He looks very much like the Boss BTW!

slouching mom said...

oh goodness, binky, i'm so sorry i missed your last post!

and so glad that topher is fine.

he's beautiful, too.

ALJ said...

I am so glad he is okay, he looks so sweet in the picture. Amy

Lauren said...

It's amazing how much they look alike.

Feel better Topher, baby!

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear that he is better...his picture in that bed is truly sweet.
But I hope you never have to take a picture like that again!
May he be always healthy and happy!