Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sending Out Birth Announcements

Birth announcement by Tiny*Prints

Five weeks after my son's birth, I am finally getting around to mailing the announcements. But thanks to Tiny*Prints, putting the 41 cent stamp (wait, I blinked: now it's 42 cents! Do I hear 43? Come on, 44!) on each envelope will be the most painful part of the process. Choosing the design, personalizing it, and placing the order was a piece of birth-day cake.
There were a lot of cards to select from. I chose to search the boy-themed options with the least expensive cards showing up first. When I wanted a closer look at a particular card, I was able to click on it, opening up a window with a full-size screenshot of the design.
I went with our card because it gave me the flexibility to highlight our son's nickname atop the full version of his name. I also changed or switched some of the fonts and type sizes, choosing from a limited selection of styles that were guaranteed to complement the design. The process made me feel like I had a hand in creating a truly personalized card, while guaranteeing that the finished product stayed true to the sophistication of the original design.
Ordering was quick and easy. Delivery was well within the two week window that the site indicated. When the cards arrived, the image was exactly as I ordered it and the quality of the colors and card stock was impressive. Envelopes were included.
The rest is up to me. If I don't get these cards stamped and addressed in a timely manner, it's no fault of Tiny*Prints. Too bad they don't sell Self-Motivation and Follow-Through.
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Life As I Know It said...

Great card and a beautiful baby!

Karianna said...

LOVE the nickname -- and that you could highlight the nickname on the card. Gorgeous - both card and baby!

zellmer said...

Ugh. I got so stressed both times with the birth announcements sending. It's such a hassle with sleep deprivation and everything else going on. The only thing worse is all the Thank You notes you have to write for all the gifts people give you. It may sound ungrateful, but being polite can be such a pain in the ass!

Cute announcements. And I heart the name Topher. I knew a Topher in high school. He was one of the most popular, and genuinely nice kid in school.