Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Unveiling

Welcome to the new and improved 24/7, courtesy of:

Shannon was a pleasure to deal with. She whipped out the design and helped me install it to my Blogger account in the span of one day. The final product is her telepathic rendering of my vision. It had to be telepathy, because I'm pretty sure I didn't make any sense when I tried to put into words the look I was going for. But no matter. Shannon can read your mind over email. That's how good she is.

But if you thought the new design is the only thing being unveiled today, you underestimated my desire to kill two birds with one title. Today, I lift the curtain on the New Guy's Name!

Before you make any assumptions about the winning name based on the fact that I created a poll and asked you all to vote in it, you have to know a couple things about me. One is that I don't generally go with the most popular choice in any given situation. The second is that I often disregard my gut instinct, only to return to it after a completely useless detour. What I'm trying to tell you is that the name I will use to refer to my new son from this point on is not the one that received the most votes in the poll (though it did come in a close second, which helped validate my decision). In fact, it's the very one I used when I first announced his fetal existence almost a year ago.

He will be Number Two.

At some point in my post-partum haze I decided the name was too condescending and juvenile. The Partner sometimes likes to say I've lost my sense of humor, and I've got to admit that for those first few weeks after having a baby, I really didn't appreciate sarcastic bowel movement euphemisms used in reference to my son. My exact words were: "the name denotes a second class status that I don't want to bestow upon my little guy."

I've since gotten over that. No words exist that can describe how close he is to my heart. So why not accept that fact, and have a little fun with the words we do have?

If Number Two is going to flourish in his new position, he needs to realize that if he doesn't do his own self-deprecating, someone else will always be there to deprecate for him.


Heather said...

Deprecate...oh okay. Not defecate right?

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Love the new look.

Life As I Know It said...

Love it! Love the design!

Mrs. Chicken said...

love the look and the name!

slouching mom said...

very cool new look!

jen said...

it's supa hot over here. and i love number two.

toyfoto said...

I am doing a happy dance because I voted for the name. Love. It. Love the new look, too.

iheartchocolate said...

I like it.

Nice new digs.

Suzanne said...

Love it, Bink. Nicely done.

I am a huge fan of self-deprecation. I never read "How to Win Friends and Influence People", but if your philosophy worked for Peter Brady (Pork Chops and Applesauce episode), you can be sure it will work for Tallulah as well. =)

jane - pinks & blues (soon-to-be Mom Generations) said...

Binky, I LOVE the new look! It is perfect. It was so wonderful to see you today, and to meet Number Two! :-)