Monday, August 25, 2008


Jocelyn, a beautiful writer with a beautiful son and a beautiful husband and a whole bunch of beautiful stories to her credit (if you think I'm overdoing the beautifuls, just go to her site and try to tell me I'm wrong) tagged me for a meme asking participants to create a memoir in six words.

Here's mine:

This stoic New Englander laughs anyway.

Photo by Lauren

For some more six word memoirs--some haunting, some funny, some obscure--go here.

And to do my memely duty, I'm passing it along to Mrs. Chicken, Amy at Binkytown, Lauren at Memoir, Fitz and/or Duff at My Mom Genes, and jen at one plus two. There's something about this meme that really intrigues me. I can't wait to see how each of you spins your own six word yarn.

1. Write a six-word memoir.

2. Post it to your blog, maybe with a pic.

3. Link to the person who tagged you

4. Tag a few folks

5. Leave a comment for them with an invite to play.


slouching mom said...

Love this meme, and your response. Not to mention that beautiful photo of you!

I answered this meme a while ago. My response was:

"Empathy's better as carry-on baggage."

Whirlwind said...

Love the picture and your response.

I left you something at my place the other day.

Binkytown said...

If I must then I must (warming up with six words now)

jen said...

i love this, i keep seeing it and have never answered officially. let me see what i can do.

Mrs. Chicken said...

you got it. lovely photo!

zellmer said...

I did this, too, via Slouchy. Mine was depressing. Something like "Never happy for wanting something better."

I loved the slideshow of the artist's memoirs.

Loved yours, too.

Amanda said...


Amy said...

You are beautiful

Mary-LUE said...

Great response and great photo!

Sus said...

just read your post at Mrs. Chicken's and hopped over. Nice memoir - and picture.