Saturday, November 29, 2008

Apathetic Anonymous

I've blogged every day so far this month. This is no small feat considering I wrote only 60 posts over the course of the ENTIRE YEAR before November rolled around.

NaBloPoMo is designed to help make blogging a habit by motivating writers to crank out posts every day, including weekends, for thirty days. It's great in theory. But the way my mind works, a habit is only worthwhile if it makes me fat and drunk and gives me cancer. Blogging every day? It's like jogging. These are dangerous gateway exercises. Next thing you know, I'll be running a marathon and writing a novel.

Seriously, though. I'm way past making promises that I'm going to keep up this kind of prolificity. I didn't even announce my participation in NaBloPoMo this time around, so leery was I of embarrassing myself like I did last year when I flaked out on November 22 and didn't write again for five days. One of my biggest failings is lack of motivation. Admitting it is not my problem--it's finding the will within myself to actually get moving on the road to productivity.

I feel good when I blog regularly. I make fleeting moments last. I make friends. I make myself a better writer. Why wouldn't I make regular posting a priority? Oh, right. Because I'm lazy.

It's my third year in a row trying to set the blogging habit. Maybe it's the charm. I do feel energized, I can honestly say that. Time will tell if all the positive outcomes of regular blogging are enough to kick my lazy ass into gear.

But first, I've got to make it through this month. One day at a time.


Mary-LUE said...

One more day!

April said...

you're hilarious. i've got you in my reader, so whenever you post, i'll be there! :-)