Saturday, November 15, 2008

Meta Saturday

I logged on today to find three of my favorite bloggers lamenting their lack of posting. Each one, like me (or is it like I? Like myself? Dear God, take these hormones and give me back my grammar!) has recently acquired the time suck (and judging from my sentences, brain suck) of a new child. On its face, it is kind of cool that we're all going through this at the same time. There's relatability and commiseration. There's a fullness that comes from being able to contextualize someone else's situation simply by calling on one's own. Unfortunately, all this communing takes time--time none of us has.

Not only do I have difficulty finding the time to post--though I am NaBloPoMoing my ass off--I also have precious little time to visit other blogs. Often I will end up reading a week's worth of a given blogger's posts in one sitting. In the case of the aforementioned writers, this works out well because they are on my schedule. But otherwise I feel as if I am fading away from the bigger mothuh blogging community.

But reading these posts today reinforces the fact that I'm not alone. Everything moves fast, often in a circle. So I trust they'll be back and I'll be back and through it all--the everday posts and the weeks-long droughts and the manic bursts of commenting and the days we have nothing to add--we'll still have snippets of life to save for our children. And maybe to save us.


gojennings said...

I know what you mean about the time suck! Three kids and a career do that for me. Hello from NaBloPoMo... I hope you'll visit me when (if) you get any spare time. :)

Jerri Ann said...

It will come back, maybe not as keen as it once was, but the memory it will come back I a little bit. But, sentence structure, heck who needs it, I didn't have it prior to the brain suck, you can live with out it!