Sunday, November 23, 2008

Still Learning

My first memory: I know this is my earliest memory because grandma died when I was two. Before that, she was frail on a living room recliner. There were plastic prongs in her nose. There was a long tube. She sat attached. I do not remember being unbelievably small, but I was. I think they told me to give her a hug. I think I cowered. They pushed against my pull-back. I was crying. Grandma was dying. I was two.

The best lesson my mom taught me was not to care what others think about me. When I was young and concerned with appearances, it was torture dealing with her lack of regard for such things. God, she was embarrassing. Now that I've grown a bit, I am grateful every day of my life that she taught me how unnecessary it is to carry the weight of other people's expectations.

The great thing I have in my life is very likely the same great thing you have.

As you get older, you should not neglect to pluck your chin hairs.

Men look great with shaved heads.

My whole life has been, to date, hopefully only a third of the sum total.

I call myself oblivious.

My last words will be the calm before the storm.

Happy Birthday to San Diego Momma, who turned 40 and celebrated with her take on Esquire Magazine's "What I've Learned" column with the above prompts. I don't believe she intended to turn it into a meme, but I figured taking it on and passing it along is as good a way as any to celebrate a birthday in the blogosphere.

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San Diego Momma said...

This does make a great meme, huh? Loved your answers. Thanks too for the happy birthday wishes!

Now get over to my site and try to win some jewelry!