Thursday, December 11, 2008

Can You Hear Me Now?

My ambivalence toward my cell phone borders on disregard. Once I dropped it in the snow for The Partner to drive over in his truck. It survived. On another occasion, same phone, it fell from the pocket of my hiked-up jean skirt into the toilet just as I depressed the flusher. It did not survive.

After a couple years of going cell-phone-less, I have one again. I am still reckless. I misplaced it earlier today and realized I didn't much care. I went about my daily business relying instead on email. I thought that maybe the phone was gone for good. Then I sat down to relax in front of the television and heard a muffled ring emanating from somewhere. I started up toward the sound, but each step took me further away. I walked backwards, but that didn't intensify the ring. I turned in confused circles.

I had to call my cell phone with the land line four times, traversing the house and climbing up and down two flights of stairs, before I realized that the muffling agents were a door and a pocket. The electronic song got louder as each barrier was removed; first, I opened the hall closet, then I reached into the folds of the outdated purple and black LL Bean coat I'd worn yesterday. I was greeted by the low-battery and 8-missed-calls message on the screen of my shiny red phone. I scrunched my nose and glared at it.

I don't love my phone. Never really have. Sometimes when I think about my relationship with Ma Bell, I ponder the fact that dropping my cell into the compromised waters of a public toilet might've been more of a statement than an accident.


April said...

i have been known to disregard my cellphone for several days at a stretch. drives my mother and Hubs nuts.

toyfoto said...

I remember a time when people LIKED being away from the phone.

The WORST for me is the angry messages I get from my husband on voicemail when my phone hasn't been charged or I can't get to it because I'm driving or keeping the little kid from eating something he fished out from under the sink. ...

Whatever it is can wait.

Lauren said...

Did you pee first?