Thursday, February 26, 2009

Like Father, Like Son...Maybe

I understand that children are designed to look like their fathers at birth so that the male's desire to flee is kept in check by his ego. Women as a whole do not need additional incentives to stick by their babies; men, on the other hand, lack nine months of shared biology tying them to their offspring. They look for themselves in the newness. They see the resemblence and think, "yeah, I guess he is mine."

There's no doubt that Number Two as a newborn looked uncannily like The Partner. And what do you know? Ten months in, The Partner is still here.

Now that the bond has been set and the child is biologically free to grow into his own person, I wonder how he will look? Am I deluding myself to think that there just might be a little of me in him after all? Recent findings support my theory. Just the other day a friend's mother told me that my son is so much cuter than he was as a newborn.

But you be the judge. Here I am, splish-splashing wild and free at 7.5 months:

And here is Number two at the same age:

I think the eyes have it.


Whirlwind said...

I think Number 2 looks alot like you at that age.

Lauren said...

Whoa! Maybe he is actually your baby afterall!! You were worried he wasn't yours, weren't you Binky. :) I think he's freaking ADORABLE!!!

iheartchocolate said...

That looks like the same baby! Wow, what gorgeous eyes!

Boz said...

Most disappointing title ever. Here I thought we were going to finally find out who the real father was!