Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More To Love

The Boss was in the kitchen with my mother. I was sitting with The Partner at the dining room table when we overheard a plaintive, pipsqueaked "what's that?"

"That's medecine to help me lose weight," nana said.

Though a wall stood between us, I had no trouble picturing my mother lifting a capsule from the "Sunday" compartment of her pill organizer while my daughter looked on with big blue eyes that see everything and forget nothing.

I recalled my mother's mention of the Hoodia supplement earlier in her visit. I'd raised my eyebrows just short of an eye roll, a familiar facial tic that my mother dismissed with the assurance that her doctor had told her it was safe. The finality of her statement precluded conversation.

In the kitchen with The Boss, it seemed nana had re-opened the issue for discussion. "Do you think I'm too big?" she asked The Boss.


"You don't think I should be skinny like your mommy?"

"No." The Boss was matter of fact. She wasn't wise; she wasn't trite. Her voice trilled with the naturalness of an I Love You. "You should be just like you are," she said.


Lauren needs a hug said...

Your mom sounds so cool. And obviously, I'm already in love with the Boss so that does not need to be restated.

toyfoto said...

I've been so preoccupied with weight that I've become preoccupied with the preoccupation.

I bought a new yoga DVD recently ... "for weight loss" ... but not actually for that purpose. I wanted a change and I (wrongly) thought it would be more active that the beginner tapes in the stores' inventory.

Annabel, though, hones in on the weighloss aspect when it's mentioned in the beginning of the program. I told her that people market things one way and some people use them another. We do yoga for balance.

I'll probably be throwing out the dvd ... unless your mom wants it.

Heather said...

Beautiful. And she can't doubt the truth of it since kids tell it like it is.

jen said...

out of the mouths of babes.

Jerri Ann said...

How precious is that? My kids don't have a filter, they let me know I need to lose weight. But they told my not over-weight at all husband the same thing so I don't mind quite as bad. That is awesome that she is precious enough to say that from her heart.