Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Bright Spot in Children's Night Lights: Sylvania PalPODzzz

There are some things a night light can do, and some things it just might. The list for The Boss's new Sylvania PalPODzzz™ Portable Nightlight looks something like this:


Light a dark room with a soft LED glow when the ladybug is docked on its pod. It automatically brightens as the room darkens.

Illuminate a path with a rechargeable LED flashlight beam when the ladybug is removed from its pod.

Act as a backup light during power outages.

Look really cute while it's performing the above functions (note: the photo does not do it justice).

Ladybug model


Help you potty train your child through the night. I had high hopes that the novelty of the fun little ladybug flashlight would lure The Boss out of the comfort of her bed and onto the potty, but it didn't happen. It turns out, however, that there is a rational basis to my wishful thinking , and it's been supported by Surrender Dorothy's experience. The PalPODzzz just may work as a night-training aid for your child, too.

Rocket ship model

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