Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Not Just a Spoke in My Menstrual Cycle

The second half of any given 28-day span will find me with the hormonal urge to do nothing but watch HGTV and read crime fiction. I am more content to think than do. I don't plan ahead and I don't create. I'm a slave to the whims of estrogen.

I envy men their even keel. My husband's brain chemistry is simple and safe. In my head, on the other hand, it feels as if a middle school student with poor grades is conducting a never ending science experiment. It's all Bunsen burners and volatile solutions and things that go BOOM.

I'm menstrually manic. I fly high for the first half of the month; I creep below the radar for the second. More than childbirth or having to pee sitting down, it's these moods that make me wax bitter about being a women.

If I didn't have a history of breast cancer in the family, I'd pop a pill to regulate those hormones faster than you could say YAZ®. Instead, I let nature take its course.


Lauren said...

You're telling me. I cried for two hours the other day. Can't remember why I did that. Women suck.

Heather said...

Sometimes it really does stink being a woman, I have to agree.

Mrs. Chicken said...

I'm like that, even ON the pill. Imagine if I went off of it ... KaBLAM!

Anonymous said...

haha, I hear ya! I don't mind those days where I have to allow myself to completely veg out and become vulnerable to a flux of emotions... it's just my husband I pity for having to deal with me!