Thursday, March 05, 2009

Two Days in the Life

Yesterday I left wet laundry in the washing machine. Today the whole load smells like a SweeTart.

Yesterday I agreed to be a speaker at a meeting about emotional support for birthing mothers. Today I tell myself I'll come up with my talking points tomorrow.

Yesterday I sat in our green, micro suede love seat while I fed Number Two. I looked down at him between pages of the book I was reading and thought "I need to just watch him, I need to slow down." He slurped a contented tempo. Today I sit in the same love seat, falling into a pillow, still trying to match his pace.

Yesterday I found a stash of saved emails and a journal from my college days. The Partner spent two hours reading through my angst, which was all about him. He thought it was funny and sweet. Today is just like yesterday; it's nothing like ten years ago.


Amy said...

so sweet.

Jerri Ann said...

How adorable...but I don't wanna think about 10 years ago ack!

Jessica - This Is Worthwhile said...

This is great. Slow family living is where it's at.