Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Blue Glow

Sometimes at night, the tinted screen of the computer makes a haze that is the only evidence an outsider can see of life within my window.

This is me when I'm reading your blog, or clicking on the "newlywed" bulletin board I continue to visit without knowing why, or Googling "recurrent high fever infants" to find some reasoning behind the fact that Number Two spikes a temperature of 104 if he so much as looks at a bacterium.

Sometimes the calendar on the wall is two weeks out of date; sometimes it's a month. Sometimes my answering machine blinks with a message that I've already heard, being that I was sitting right in front of it as the caller left a taped proclamation of her desire to speak with me. Sometimes my desk is messier. It's rarely neat.

The glow is more fascinating than the reality. It's the not knowing. It's the imagination of children as they drive by houses on a summer evening, looking in windows while the warm air pushes through their own cracked glass.

It's always bluer on the other side.


Thanks to Mrs. Chicken and Lauren for inspiring this post.


Mrs. Chicken said...

It never fails to impress me how lyrical you can be in just a few short paragraphs.

Thank you for showing me your window.

slouchy said...

Love this. And the portrait, too.

Lauren said...

It's always good to see you, Love.

Avent Isis said...

You are totally mind blowing, i just love coming back again and again, keep going like this!