Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Undefined Value

A group of women got to talking about life insurance coverage. Who has it, who doesn't. I mentioned that my husband, at my urging, finally bucked up and purchased a policy for himself, but that I do not personally have one. The latter fact is based on The Partner's assertion that I have no monetary value, which is a supportable (and sad) assertion once one does the math. I am currently raising my kids and working on a novel; neither gig promises a big payoff anytime soon.

Some of these women were confounded by this logic, and probably more than a little offended by the idea that stay-at-home moms are construed by some as having no value. The added cost of child care alone, they said, was enough justification for purchasing a policy in my name.

I brought the issue to The Partner before I responded to the group. Not wanting to put words in his mouth, and not wanting to spew out that kind of shit in my own name, I looked for a quote. He chose his words carefully. He knew this would end up on the Internet.

"You used the words 'no value' and that's not true," he said. "It's just that your value is not high enough that it justifies the additional insurance premiums."

Oh, right. I nodded. Please go on.

"I make enough money that, if you were not around, there would be extra costs but it would be within my means."

I nodded again. He saw my skepticism and he leaned back in a shrug that said sorry, but I can't fight facts.

"Having a lot of insurance just means that people have a vested interest in your death." He smiled apologetically. "You should be happy that you're not insured. You're worth more to me alive than dead."

I laughed. A lot. Long and hard.

He kills me.


Life As I Know It said...

We both have insurance policies...he didn't realize how much he'd have to pay in childcare if I wasn't around anymore ;)

Boz said...

By far my favorite post in memory.

Heather said...

Wow, that's harsh. And I respectfully disagree with him. You need life insurance too.

Chris said...

As far as I know, only my wife, myself, and the financial planner I met with have the knowledge needed to determine whether or not I could afford child care. Money couldn't replace my loving wife and I think we're better off spending those monthly premiums together instead of buying something I won't ever need.

Momma Hunt said...

I also respectfully disagree. God forbid anything happen to you, who would take care of the kids and what amount of yearly would that add up to. That is how a lot of people figure out how to insure SAHMs.
On a lighter note, hysterical post.

Kristy said...

Going to be a negative Nelly here for a minute, but um can he afford to pay for your funeral? Life insurance isnt just about making sure he can match your income...and I disagree too. You need a policy, how about for the sheer fact that maybe you do start "making the money" and as you get older premiums go up. Better to get it now than pay through the nose later. My husband and I are only in our early 30's with large policies on both.