Sunday, January 03, 2010

That Look

Number Two doesn't listen to me. If I so much as mention his name within earshot, he will freeze in place and refuse to move even an eyeball in my direction. He's unbudgeable.

The same child is putty in his father's hands. All The Partner has to do is look slightly perturbed at an action Number Two is taking and it will cease immediately.

Under The Partner's watch, Number Two finishes his plate. Under mine, he is liable to starve. Number Two sleeps at The Partner's behest; he splits ears with his shrieks at mine. I don't think I lack severity or foll0w-through, so I'm not sure where the exact discrepancy lays. All I know is that The Partner has officially made himself indispensable around here, as if being the main breadwinner and the brains behind this operation hadn't set him up in high enough regard already.

The Boss, too, knows how it is. She referenced this fact as Number Two was wailing in his room after I put him to bed last night. The Partner was setting a new CD to "play" at the tail end of The Boss's nightly pre-sleep ritual in her own room down the hall. She wrinkled her nose as if Number Two's screams smelled funny. She looked to The Partner. "You're the boss of my brother, right?"

"Right," The Partner affirmed.

She nodded, looking him directly in those hazel peepers that can silence a beast. "Then go in there and give him the hairy eyeball," she said.


Momma Hunt said...

We could use that hairy eyeball over at my house some days. I think my son has secretly figured out that he is in charge and now w are all doomed

Rockzee said...

I try to give the hairy eyeball, too, and it so doesn't work. I have one who runs in the opposite direction as fast as he can every time I call his name, and another one who refuses to listen to anything I say. Nice huh?

And same here with the Daddy being an easier disciplinarian. I think it's the deep voice. It's just inherently more scary.

toyfoto said...

I'm not showing this to Jed. He's the boss of no one. And it weighs on him.