Tuesday, October 31, 2006

NaBloPoMo, OR, Do I Have Any Self Awareness Whatsoever?

For the whole month of November, inspired by Fussy, I will be posting to this blog every single day.

Please hold your laughter till the end.

National Blog Posting Month is the creative spawn of National Novel Writing Month. By participating in the latter, writers are forced to produce an entire manuscript in a 30-day span. I am not so delusional as to think I can pull that one off, so I am instead embarking upon the former: a program designed by Fussy in hopes that "the act of putting something of yourself out for the world to see every single day will make writing become a more fluid, natural, and integral part of your day." As fluid, natural and integral as I'd like to consider my words once they are committed to the computer screen, I cannot claim that my writing process is any of those things. So I welcome the NaBloPoMo inspiration and I hope, however naively, that the forced dedication of the next 30 days will extend far beyond that in terms of my literary follow-through.

I've heard that it takes 30 days to make any given act a habit. Why should I limit myself to blog posting? Perhaps I should go whole hog in the personal improvement realm by simultaneously enacting NaDuJoStroMo (National Dust off the Jogging Stroller Month). On the other hand...

Baby steps, people. Baby steps.


Anonymous said...


I agreed to NaBloPoMo, but I can not agree to the above. I know I would fail miserably. Even though I promised myself that once the weather become cooler, I would walk with the baby everyday before picking up the other one from school.

Well, the weather is not cooperating, so that is my story and I am sticking to it.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Besides, it is harder to lay on you butt and eat your weight in Halloween candy while using a jogging stroller. Unless the jogging stroller is used to hold your candy

jen said...

baby steps is right....and like i think i've mentioned before, i'll be lurking around cheering you on.

Mrs. Chicky said...

Personally, I think all of you are nuts to attempt this. But that doesn't mean I haven't consider doing it myself, 'cause I'm a joiner and I hate to be left out of what everyone else is doing.

Did you catch the whining in that sentence?

I'm hear to cheer you on, my friend. Good luck with this latest endeavor.

Stuntmother said...

I'm NaBloPoMoing as well and have the same sort of odd urges to suddenly eat more broccoli and take up meditation. I in fact think that this will simply confirm all my tendencies to obsession and vegetable avoidance.

Heather said...

Even without the jogging stroller, I think I'm doomed to failure, but NaDuJoStroMo sounds like a great idea. I kinda wished I'd signed up for NaBloPoMo but I'm a bit late to the party.

Lauren said...

You can do it!!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck in the Nablopomo contest!!! I really enjoyed visiting your site!


T. said...

I refuse to stress over my inability to come up with a coherent sentence every damn day.

But I will enjoy your attempts to do so.

Perhaps you will inspire me.

Good luck,

Anonymous said...

How about NaDruWriNi? Or NaNiNaNiBooBoo (okay, I made that one up). Anyone have a list of all the November follies?

I'm just stupid enough to be signed up for NaNoWriMo AND NaBloPoMo.