Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Fortune Cookie

I bought a package of fortune cookies from the local supermarket to accompany a stir fry dinner I made a few weeks back. We read our three fortunes that night and I didn't think about the rest of the box until The Boss pulled it out of the cabinet earlier this evening and handed me a little plastic pouch with a thin, hard cookie enclosed. I bit it open with my teeth and handed it her. She wandered away. Not long after, I heard my husband speak out.

As I turned the corner, he was reading the fortune strip from the Boss's cookie. "Your ideals are well within your reach," he told her, sagely. Then he thought about it, and he raised an eyebrow.

He looked at The Boss, who was stretching a tiny hand, her fingers disproportionately long and slender, high above her head as she extended it over the tabletop in an attempt to grasp the cordless telephone laying in wait. One finger after another crept forward on the laminate until she was able to knock the phone off its perch. She was halfway to dialing China when The Partner scooped her into his arms and severed the connection. Then he looked at me.

"You heard the fortune," I shrugged. "It's all within her reach. I think it's about time we started child-proofing this place. "


Wendy said...

Ah! You listen well grasshopper.

I think we will go for chinese, tomorrow. I now have a craving for some reason.

amy said...

she was trying to call me back.

jen said...

ahhh. child proofing. the never ending and near impossible journey that leads to a whole new chapter of fright.

enjoy it.

but aren't you supposed to add "in bed" to the end of every fortune you read? maybe it was yours?

Mrs. Chicky said...

One day they're rolling under the couch and the next they can reach the knives on the highest counter. Pretty soon they'll find our stash of chocolate on top of the fridge.

Lauren said...

I ate a tube of Ben Gay when I was her age.

Jen said...

ECR, I love your blog :) I wanted to let you know between you and my partner and crime Linda in Norwich I have started my own.... check it out when The Boss gives you a few free moments :)