Sunday, November 26, 2006


26 days of blogging and a holiday weekend behind me, I am feeling the NaBloPoMo drain. Today I take Mr. Moneybags from the clink to the bank with this Get Out of Jail Free card.

See you on the other side of GO, where I can assure you I will not be collecting $200.


Wendy said...

You need to get the new monopoly game and collect $2 million dollars. Now, that is worth getting out of jail.

It is only 4 more days. Really only 3 days, because today is almost over and you posted today. Then it is off to December with no requirements of posting everyday and only the joys of the bustling holiday season.

Hang in there.

Lauren said...


Mrs. Chicken said...

We're almost done, friend!

jen said...


you are SO almost done.

it's been fun (sorry) to watch everyone try and deal with this, and what is the most amazing part is the sense of honor and integrity - you keep going, because you said you would, even if it's driving you crazy.

i love that.

binkytown said...

Girl. I give you mad props! Almost done!

T. said...

You made it to 26 days before having to use that card.

Good for you. I would have pulled it out at around day four.