Sunday, February 25, 2007

You, Me and Blogger Makes Free

It sometimes occurs to me how inane by blog is. The thought crossed my mind today, actually, after I left comments on a couple military blogs upon which I stumbled. The soldiers behind those Blogger templates live out tales of heart and guts every day. They share their perspective in a way that's invaluable in the telling. Each post is layers deep.

I came back here after leaving those comments and assessed my last few posts with a more distanced eye. I forced myself to look past my mommyblogging myopia. I tried to find something universal, or at least something that would be even halfway interesting to a person not in possession of two stretch-marked breasts and a blown-out vaginal canal. But I couldn't come up with anyting.

I realize certain people attract a certain audience and that no single entity (with the possible exception of Anna Nicole Smith) is going to interest everybody. But when I start looking at my blog as other, more removed, parties must see it, well, then I start to wonder why even I am still interested.

I'm a mom. A mom who likes to write. A mom who likes to write and hates to clean. A mom who likes to write and hates to clean and wonders what it might be like to have done things differently, or to start doing them differently now.

And I guess that's what it's all about--finding inspiration to do things differently, to make that difference. Because it is important to me to be more than a mother, more than a writer, more than a bad housekeeper. More than someone who wonders when she should wander.

In Afghanistan and Iraq and points all over the globe, there are women and men in the United States military who are larger than life in their dauntless determination and in their sacrifice. Reading the blogs of soldiers in the different armed forces reminds me of that.

And once I get past the idea that they are doing huge things and I'm not, I am more inspired than ever to live more fully, and to a more pronounced effect, the life that the American military has secured for me.


jen said...

thanks sister. i'll go check those out, i need a bit of expansion myself.

and for what it's worth, you always have something to say.

Mary-LUE said...

I agree with Jen. I haven't forgotten the passion with which you described the condition of the schools in your area. Also, you are using your blog to hone your craft and doing such a great job of it. You last two parter about the mishap at the hair salon was very powerful really. Your description of how the situation made you feel was so poignant.

That being said, I admire that you've taken the time to read these military blogs and that you are reflecting on your life in light of the impact these blogs are having on you. Good luck to you as you ponder how to live life more fully.

Wendy said...

I am not downplaying what the men and women of the military are doing for us. They are out ther fighting for us.

I still think that raising a child that will someday be a contributing memeber of society is important, as well. Whether she grows up to be President or a mom, she will be important in our world. You have a part in that.

Kate said...

Just remember that while your life may seem mundane, everyone is doing their part to make the world go-round.

Jennicap said...

I'm not a mom yet I'm here. I'm here at least weekly, sometimes more... sometimes less. I love your style of writting, it keeps me entertained and interested. I do have a suggestion, a record count of peeps for the season... I counted in my head, 24 so far with another 8 getting stale at home right now!

Lauren said...

But I love your innane daily dribble. Seriously, what have I talked about on my blog aside from work, love, and more love in the last, oh say... ever?

Ruth Dynamite said...

Your words have worth - just as those of the military bloggers and countless other blogging types do. We all learn from each other, whether we're struggling with kids or work or fashion faux pas or yes, even war. Read on, my friend, and keep on writing!