Tuesday, March 27, 2007

60 Minutes at 24/7

Special correspondent Mrs. Chicky, of Chicky Chicky Baby, is here today with a few hard hitting questions for yours truly. Stay till the end to find out how you can participate in the interviews sweeping the blogosphere.

Mrs. Chicky: Where did you meet your husband?

Me: Funny you should ask. Funny because it's true. I met The Partner via the Instant Messenger function of AOL v. 3.0. As a college sophomore with nothing better to do than send random IMs while I should've been studying for mid-terms, I typed the keywords "Connecticut" (for my home state) and "78" (for the year of my birth) into the member directory search. When his profile popped up, I saw that this 19 year old male, born and bred in Connecticut, attended the same university as a friend of mine. With nothing more to go on than those three apparent commonalities, I fired up the IM. "Do you know so-and-so?" I typed, using my friend's name as a shot-in-the-dark impetus for conversation. "No," he typed back.

The rest is ten years of history.

2. Audrey Hepburn or Katharine Hepburn? Why?

Me: A middle school teacher of mine once told me that Katharine Hepburn was a bitch. I'm sure she didn't use that word, exactly, but the message was clear. Since then, I've heard the same sentiment expressed by many in regard to Connecticut's own famous Hepburn.

In doing a little of my own research, it came to my attention that Ms. Hepburn's mother was a sufragette and birth control advocate who helped found Planned Parenthood along with Margaret Sanger. I read that "the Hepburn children, at their parents' encouragement, were unafraid of expressing frank views on various topics, including sex. 'We were snubbed by everyone, but we grew quite to enjoy that,' Hepburn later said of her unabashedly liberal family, who she credited with giving her a sense of adventure and independence." I find that quite inspiring and am inclined to vote for K-Hep in spite of, or perhaps because of, her bitchiness.

3. Your dream home, the one you would have if money or location was no object, must include one particular feature. What would that feature be?

Me: A dock with a hot tub on a huge, clean body of water that I don't have to maintain.

4. Bad news, you won't ever be a writer (let's suspend disbelief for a minute). But to make up for it you can be anything else that you want. What would you like to be or do instead?

Me: I am quite sure I would fall head-first into the deep end of lunacy if I couldn't write. But so long as there's a cable news outlet looking for an insane correspondent, I'm up for the job. I've been told I have TV-newswoman hair.

5. If you could hop in your car at this very moment without having to worry about anything holding you back, where would you go?

South, with stops in Richmond and Miami to pick up my two best college friends. Then west, to all three of us take the country by storm.

There you have it, my friends. Thanks to Mrs. Chicky for stopping by. I hope the Q & A train won't stop here. If you would like to be interviewed by me, leave a comment below or drop me an email. The offer is open to all my readers, even those without their own blogs on which to post the responses. If you are a reader who would be interested in being spotlighted, I will come up with the questions, take your responses, and put them up in a special post. Blogging, after all, is not just about writing--it's about the community those words inspire.


Jen said...

Binker you can interview me if you feel like it... I'm trying to blog more on my nest blog... I got picked to be a baby blogger and I think they actually want me to blog! Lol So I'm supposed to blog about TTC and all that fun stuff!
jennicap (since I'm just jen here)
BTW love the Q&A

Jene said...

aww! i think we should go on that road trip anyway! i miss you!

Mrs. Chicky said...

I knew you wouldn't let me down! I loved each and every one of your answers. I totally pegged you for a Kate Hepburn gal and I really liked your reason why.

Mrs. Chicken said...

ooooh, me! please please please interview me!!

*jumping like a fool, fat bouncing*

slouching mom said...

I liked Katherine Hepburn too -- there was a coolness about her, a reserve, as if she couldn't give a shit what anyone else thought of her. I like that in a person.

Hey, youngun (b/c I just found out you are freakin' 11 years younger than I am)? You can interview me if you have time.

Lauren said...

Oooh oooh! Me me! I'd love to be interviewed. And I think you are way too hot for television, have you seen Gerry Brook's new no moustache look? Weird. And how old is Geoff Fox? Remember when he was practically in diapers doing the weather? Holy cow.

I miss you three. Four (sorry Rox, didn't mean to not include you). Let's get together this weekend?

Kate L. said...

I'm up for an interview if you are so inclined!

Jerri Ann said...

I met my hubby on line too through Yahoo personals. They were free. He asked for a picture and I sent him one of me in a bikini on the beach stretched out a la sports illustrated with the water coming up over me...never mind that it was 8 years old, hehehe, it didn't matter, he loved me anyway!

I liked hearing you answers.

TSM-Truth, Sincerity, Madness said...

Sunshine Scribe got me first. I posted my interview tonight.

Great answers!!

Her Bad Mother said...

Newswoman hair. Laugh out loud.

Great interview!

binkytown said...

Oh jeez, Im late to the party but Id be interviewed if you so desire.

Redneck Mommy said...

I LOVE K-hep. Love her...

But not as much as I love you Binky...

Wink, wink.

Look for my interview tomorrow.

Lawyer Mama said...

Ooh, that sounds like so much fun! Can I play?

Love your answer about K. Hepburn, by the way.

Sarah said...

Tell the Partner that I'm still insulted that he didn't remember me from freshman SO when you IM'd him!!

jen said...

i always have been compelled to answer your questions. game if you are.

love your answers.

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