Wednesday, March 28, 2007

House of Pain

Charming Historic Cape w/Commerical Possibilities
A taste of old and new. Set on 1 acre; offering 1862 sq.ft. of living wiht beautiful, wide board flooring, soapstone kitchen sink and center chimney with newly lined fireplace in the living room & great garage/workshop!
Will somebody tell me what it is about this home that attracts only the rudest, slimiest and most ignorant of prospective buyers? One freak show at my door is not unexpected, but two, three, four...the parade is endless and wholly unproductive. We had one offer that fell through and another that's falling. Our agent held a showing with another gentlemen who spent over an hour on the property before he told her he hated the house, but loved the yard. Then he said he doesn't much like to mow.
Where the hell do they come from? How many more of them are out there?
We have an open house on Saturday, and I have a feeling I just might find out.


slouching mom said...

It's not the house, babe. It's just PEOPLE. People are nuts.

I will attack your questions later tonight. They are tough!!!

Tater and Tot said...

Has it been raining? Because the freaks always come out in the rain.

Andrea said...

I think people sometimes forget that when they're criticizing a house there are people who own it still and that their criticisms might hurt feelings. Try not to take it personally.

Crossing my fingers that your open house garners a buyer.

Redneck Mommy said...

Stay strong, Binky. Stay strong.

It will sell.

Isn't it a full moon?

Sarah said...

This is why sellers should never be home when a buyer is looking at the house. As a recent buyer I know how critical I was of every house we saw, I made myself be super analytical of everything to make sure we were getting the right house for us. I'm glad we never had to see any of the sellers!!

Boz said...

I hope that is not the picture you are using to sell the house. It doesn't show that you actually have some space between you and your neighbors, but it shows ugly power lines right up front. There's also a typo in the description (living wiht beautiful). You cannot see that you have a driveway and there's little indication that you have any grass. Also, a couple rocking chairs on the front porch would add some New England charm. Take another picture when the snow is gone. Also, like Sarah said, get out of the house when it's being shown. We never, never liked having the homeowner there when we viewed a house. Sorry I'm not as "screw those people, they're all idiots" as the other commentators, I'm just trying to be constructive. Why don't you vent your frustration by cleaning something? :p Or visit some friends out of town? ;)

ECR said...

We aren't there for the showings. The interesting quirks of the potential buyers have all been reported to us by our agent, except for one guy with quirks we were already well acquainted with. When I tell you the whole story, Boz, you will agree that our house has attracted some doozies. And the picture does suck. We need another one now that the snow is gone, anyway.

Lawyer Mama said...

Oh, there are a ton of freaks out there. I sold a house 2 years ago. Trust me. If you hold an open house, they will come. Plus, all your nosy neighbors.

kristi said...

What a nightmare. I really feel for ya, I do!