Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Another Think Coming

Just when I was beginning to think this whole blog was devoid of thought, none other than Redneck Mommy comes around and bestows upon me the Thinking Blogger Award.

I would be flattered to have received this button from anyone

but I am tickled especially pink to have been tagged by T, a favorite blogger of mine and a fellow nose-picker on the playground of life. It's all part of the "5 Blogs That Make Me Think" meme started at The Thinking Blog. Thanks for thinking I think, T. I think you think, too.

Not for nothing, but "think" is one of those words that starts to look really funny when you see it written out more than once.

Anyhoo, it is now my sacred duty to pass the torch to five other bloggers I consider especially adept at running their gray matter through its paces. Thinking bloggers. That means different things to different people, but to me the title signifies writers with unique ways of articulating themselves while remaining addictively relatable. As I haven't been able to give my Bloglines its proper consideration for the past few days, I may not be up to date on those who have already been tagged as thinking bloggers. So, if this is redundant, just scratch another notch into your laptop and go back about your brilliant business. And if passing along memes isn't your style, no worries. Just know I'm thinking about your thinking.

Without further ado, here are 5 Blogs That Make Me Think:

Jocelyn's Stories

(This) Girl's Gone Child

Salad Days Chronicles

Memoir by Lauren

i obsess.


Lauren said...

Awww, I think you deserve every blogger award in existence. Tell Chris I named the fish. :)

Redneck Mommy said...

Aw, Binky, how could I not think you think?

We nose pickers often do nothing but think...

lildb said...

well, phew. I dunno what to say. so I'll just mimic redneck mommy. the nose-picking gallery is rife with thinkability.

honestly, though, I'm grateful, but I mostly can only say I would've picked you over me. (which is kinda dumb to say, seeing that you were awarded previous to me; I guess I'm just bad at accepting compliments. mebbe someday when I turn into a real, live adult, that'll change.)

Jocelyn said...

Congrads, Binky.

Your awesomeness is indisputable.
Your writing transforms the ordinary into the something more: funnier and more poignant.

Thank you for linking to my blog, too.