Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Hand That Rocks the Casbah

A while back and then more recently, this badge was bestowed upon me:

Not only has my status as a girl been validated, but I am a blogger and I rock as well. I am flattered by and very thankful for this gesture by Mrs. Chicky and Whirlwind.

But it remains to see if I am "Hot Stuff." See, (whose legitimacy can be vouched for by Mrs. Chicken and Slouching Mom, on the grounds that their talented selves are regular contributors) has instituted a weekly contest. I was all kinds of pleased and even more sorts of surprised to see that my post 24/7/730 was nominated. If you check out the post and decide that it's a hellaciously good read deserving of the "Hot Stuff" designation, please cast a quick and easy vote for me over at

Pandering aside, I will now pass along the mic to some more rockin' girl bloggers. If any of the following have already been deemed rockin' and have moved on, please excuse the reverb.

1. Debbie at i obsess. Her blog is a window into her psyche, turning us readers into virtual peeping Toms as she bares all. Her candidness rocks.

2. Amy at Binkytown. She writes about life as a wife, mother and professional in a way that feels like lunch with an old friend. Her conversation rocks.

3. Jocelyn at jocelyn's stories. She weaves words into actual events and fictional ones with equal finesse. Her pen and computer drawings are just as evocative. Her art rocks.


Lawyer Mama said...

I love the first two bloggers but have never read the third. Off to go read her!

slouching mom said...

Oh, you're hot stuff, all right. ;)

Mrs. Chicken said...

Totally voting for you. And your choices are awesome.

binkytown said...

Thanks for the honor my friend. It means a lot coming from you. I only rock a little you rock HARD and I'm totally voting for you right now.. (and not just 'cause you were nice to me:))

Jocelyn said...
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Jocelyn said...

Thanks so much for the shout out.
You do rock!

Shannon said...

Congrats on the honor!

lildb said...

I'm ashamed to have only just read about your award to me. And so bashfully honored. You're the one, man. You. It's all you.


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