Saturday, November 03, 2007

Home is Where Her Heart Is

Sometimes on any given weekday The Boss will tell me that she "wants to go home." It doesn't matter if we are home. It only matters that she, for whatever reason, is not completely within her comfort zone.

Yesterday I was taking her out of a bathtub from which she did not want to disengage. When I finally got her standing still on the mat so that I could towel her dry, she looked up at me with the puffed lower lip of a toddler pout. "I want to go home," she whimpered.

"You are home. So what do you mean? Where's home to you?"

She looked at me with the full red defiance of her lip still protruding.

"Where's home?" I prodded.

"Daddy," she said.



Lauren said...


Mrs. Chicken said...

Next time daddy is the bad cop, I bet she says, "Mommy."

jen said...

i love it.

Mary Beth said...

How to absolutely devestate you in one word. And the trembling lip - gets me every time!

Lawyer Mama said...


Anonymous said...

ah. this is sweet.

Amanda said...

Their power to wound is awesome.