Thursday, November 08, 2007

Isn't She Sensational?

I just read a post by Slouching Mom about the importance of teaching children to acknowledge all the senses. They don't need much help appreciating sight, she says, as that sense's virtue is already heavily extolled by society. It's hearing, taste, touch and smell that need to be reinforced.

Chez 24/7, however, I find that the roles have been reversed. Ever since The Boss racked up enough months on this planet to be able to convey an attitude of wonder toward the world around her, she has been the one teaching us. Now she asks "what sound?" more often than she points to a "what's that?" I was surprised the other day when she lay down on the couch to give her full attention to a music CD just as she'd attune to a program on television. She was still and attentive for the 20 minute duration of the songs on disc.

She is keenly aware of everything around her--the taste, the texture, the smell. And if she misses something that we don't, she'll ask us about it. Like the time in the car when our dog emitted something foul-smelling from an unidentified orifice.

"Eww," The Partner drawled. Then, in disgusted description, he added "Tuna!"

The Boss didn't miss a beat. "What smells like tuna?" she inquired, sweetly.


To sum it all up, I thought I'd link to a post I wrote commemorating The Boss's second birthday. I could've done that right from the beginning of this post and saved you about five paragraphs of reading, but whatever. If I'd gone with concise, you'd never have found out my dog smells like tuna.


Lauren said...

The women's bathroom at my work also smells like tuna.

Electronic toy house said...

I totally agree with you! I use sounds to help my children meditate - it really helps them calm down.

Great blog! You have made a long term subscriber!

Mrs. Chicken said...

We used to say our dog smelled like rusty Brillo pads. Tuna is ... so much more descriptive.

Whirlwind said...

I hear you. I always have to stop and listen or take a whiff as the girls are always asking what the smell or what they hear is. I love hiking with them with them because they experience things different, many things I would miss.

Moe's big lately is "whats that smell? I smell a campfire". Apparently had too many during the summer. Every time she smells the wood smoke, she comments and asks if we can go.