Tuesday, November 06, 2007

On the Road Again, More Safely This Time

Aside from my husband, my daughter, my siblings and my parents, one of my most enduring and complex relationships is the one I have with my cars. They have identities to me. With names like Wilderberry, Daisy and Opal, these babies were my pride and joy.

One of the biggest loves of my life (and if you think I'm exaggerating, you just need to get to know me better) is my now deceased 1993 Cadillac STS with a Northstar engine. That was Daisy. When I was through with her, there were body panels missing, the rims were useless, and she had to be jump started every single time I wanted to go somewhere. But I cried when some grave robber came and hauled her off on his flatbed. Oh, how I cried.

I'm only telling you this to illustrate the fact that cars are an integral part of my existence. I drive every day, even when I have nowhere to go. The Partner recently added up all the miles I've clocked in the past year and determined that I drove nearly as much as he did. He has a long commute. I am a stay-at-home mom. He said, "I don't think you're getting this 'stay at home' concept. . ."

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Lauren said...

One day you're going to turn into one of those car collectors that accidentally stumbles upon three cars each time he mows the lawn.