Thursday, May 22, 2008

Like Roses, or, The Obligatory Mommy Blog Post on Poop

The Partner thinks his shit don't stink.

Well, it does.

But his son's? Odorless.

I guess they aren't exactly carbon (err, methane) copies after all. Ever since we started Topher on antibiotics for his urinary tract infection, his diapers have ceased to emit a stench. Still, he's as loud as ever when taking care of business. Now it is my auditory sense, with no help from my olfactory one, that recognizes when a visit to the changing station is in order.

One would think from the fluorescent green mass gelling in his Pampers that the smell would be toxic. How strange that it's not. But you'll hear no complaints from me. I'll enjoy the phenomenon for three more days, at which point his antibiotics will have run their course and our son will resume his normal newborn output.

But even that won't be so bad. There's something so innocent about a just-born baby's digestion.* Anything that comes out of the little guy is like roses compared to his father's noxious fumes. The Partner may not admit it, but it's true.

*With the possible exception of projectile vomit. But that's a post for another day.


slouching mom said...

Are you nursing? I always thought that baby poop post-breastfeeding was pretty mild in odor, although it bore an unfortunate resemblance to mustard. A grainy, not smooth, mustard. Yeah.

It's when they stop nursing and start eating solids that their poop becomes toxic, LOL!

PinksandBluesGirls said...

You CRACK me up!! Awesome post... I needed a good smile today!!! There's just some things (especially after having 3 boys) that are great when they aren't always - like father, like son. They haven't all reached that maximum potential yet... check back in 15 years though! :) LOL!

iheartchocolate said...

Ahhh, the days of newborn poo. So innocent, yet so colorful.

I don't miss it, I'll take stinky poo for sleeping through the night-anyday!

ALI said...

hi, i was looking at an old blog and found your kind comment from well before this little guy, i wanted to say congratulations and welcome to the world of two kids, its a fun ride, my big guy is now 3 and my little guy is 8 months. i'm sorry to hear about the uti and the hospital torture-(i'm a nurse and i can't do pede, i'd rather stick an adult with needles), but i'm glad he's better. and holy cow does he look like his dad!

Heather said...

Huh. Smells like our house.

Blogversary said...

I wonder what our non mom friends "really" think our homes smile like.

New reader here and enjoying your blog.