Thursday, October 09, 2008

My Baby, Brought to You By the Internet

This is what our baby would look like if The Partner and I did not produce offspring that refuse to acknowledge my existence in any of their bodily features:

For the first time, I'm thankful that our actual children are not our composites. We don't look so hot when merged.

Go make your own baby online! It's not as much fun as having sex but it's a lot less painful than childbirth.


Jerri Ann said...

I did this once a few weeks ago and I actually got a reproduction that was similar to our second born. Our first born though...nope.

However, my hair is highlighted now and the photo reproduction gave us a blondish child.

My hair is brown, not dark dark brown, but pretty brown. My husband's is black. We have no clue where we got a blonde-headed kid but apparently the folks on that web-page were somewhere around when it happened! OOPS!

toyfoto said...

I kind of hate you right now. Mostly because that site is down for maintenance at the moment, and I am at work anyway, and when I get home I will forget about it, until I remember, and then I will forget where I saw it, and then I will never get to see what my children would look like if they looked at all like me.


I'm in need of stronger coffee.

Lauren said...

Sooooo, Um my child looks EXACTLY LIKE YOURS. And I swear Chris was not the father!

iheartchocolate said...

My dial-up is too slow to do it, so I will have to settle for the old fashioned way-aw darn ;)

I love your post about the Boss. My lovely is nearly three and inspires the same aw. It's just friggin crazy how a 2 or three year old child can posess such smartness so young!

Hope you are well ;)