Wednesday, October 01, 2008

To Be Three Years Old

The Boss has grabbed on to the same cold I recently acquired. Its main manifestation is a hoarse voice. Yesterday, I asked her how she was doing as I walked her out the door after a day at pre-school.

"I'm doing well." The small rasp of her voice was matter-of-fact. I was already chuckling to myself at the grammatical maturity of her statement when she propelled herself to even higher levels of coherence. "The only problem," she told me through the phlegm, "is that I can't speak normally."

At times like that I am impressed with her intellect. On other occasions, like when she decides she would rather sleep in a tangle of pee-soaked sheets than inform me she wet the bed, I am less overcome by her mental prowess.

Through it all, though, I continue to be amazed by the human being unfolding before me--even when the creases release the odor of hours-old urine.

At three, she is her own strange person and her parents' enigma. At three, she is stinkin' smart.


Whirlwind said...

That's just like Moe - wise beyond her years, yet I can't get her to write her ABC's. Not even her name. She has no desire to even try at home. It's the simple things they overlook.

Jerri Ann said...

It amazes me every day what my kids know. Amazing.....Amazing!

zellmer said...

My 2 1/2 year old amazes me every day, too. Today I was explaining to her that I had a hurt knee. And she said, "but there's no owie." So I said, "sometimes we hurt on the inside, but not on the outside." And she said, "Oh," and thought for a few seconds before adding, "I'm sorry. Be careful!"

Maggie May said...

aauck (a word i made up, it works for me) i have a sinus infucktion right now. suck. anyway i found your blog and i'm glad i did! hi!

Sus said...

Three-year-olds defy my coherence. I try with Frannie, but I can't get her. Completely reasonable and unreasonable at the same time. Sure seems like a gateway age, doesn't it?