Wednesday, August 02, 2006


This morning I cried my way through the second reading at the funeral mass for my best friend's father. Words like what is seen is transitory and what is unseen is eternal were smeared with tears on the photocopied sheet in front of me. Any intention I had to speak slowly and clearly, while making generous eye contact with the mourners, was soon replaced by the desire to finish the passage without breaking down completely. It was embarrassing. But with a funeral comes perspective, and in that air conditioned church that protected us from the 100 degree temperatures outside, it was easy not to sweat the small stuff.

Kelly's mother and sister thanked me profusely and lied about how well I did. They told me it meant a lot to Kelly. I said I was glad to do it.

When Kelly thanked me herself, she said "I think dad would've liked that."

Then she smiled like she does, and slid in the one-liner. "He was always telling me to be nicer to you."


Mother said...

I'm sorry on two accounts. That I've been absent from your blog and that you friend lost her father.

Lauren said...

I think that the times when people cry while trying to share a piece of the mourned with the congregation are the most beautiful and most meaningful. Everyone complimented you because you were honest and grieving and I'm sure they appreciated it. Kelly's dad would've appreciated it.

Sending warm hugs and kisses your way.

mamatulip said...

I'm so sorry for your friend and her family. And for you, because it's never easy to watch someone you care about hurt.